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Distilling ideas into words.The Good Times and Collaboration workshop (GTAC) is a partnership between Big Cartel, Young Jerks and Ferocious Art & Fiction. Email us at workshops [at] for more info about bringing the GTAC workshop to your conference, school, social gathering or otherwise.
Turning words into images.The room is divided into teams and you are provided with the bare bones essentials needed to illustrate under pressure. The exercises you and your team will endure will result in a one-off, printed GTAC Workshop Issue mailed to your doorstep—yours forever alongside the memories we'll make during our time together. WATCH THE VIDEO

Conveying ideas with limited tools and limited time.

Dan Cassaro (Young Jerks), Dan Christofferson (Big Cartel, Beeteeth), Nate Utesch (Ferocious Art & Fiction,