Ferocious Quarterly Issue No.3
Be Prepared

"Be Prepared" sent our contributors on their way with one word as a loose token of inspiration: “SURVIVAL.”

The written words in this issue were prepared a little different than usual. Our writers were given preliminary sketches, rough concepts and illegible notes from our contributing illustrators. They concepted their stories in unison with their assigned collaborators—dueling artists, refining a work together until the final pieces were complete. What we’re left with are stories accompanied by illustration and yet inspired first by illustration.


80 pgs
5 x 7"
Perfect bound
1-color cover with metallic ink
2-color interior pages
25 contributors
6 artist x writer collaborations

LIMITED EDITION: For a limited time, each FQ No.3 issue will be shipped with a merit patch and a "Scout Laws" poster designed by Dan Christofferson, Dan Cassaro and Nate Utesch

Ferocious Quarterly is a curated publication that collects illustrators, graphic artists, short fiction authors and written text.