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Submissions to Ferocious Quarterly
Before submitting a portfolio for consideration, know that not everything that gets in front of us will get printed. We'd love to be able to print work from all the artists that have taken the time to send it to us, but unfortunately we just can't. Each issue is taken into careful consideration and artists are curated based on a particular issue's theme and vision. A lot of the work in FQ is curated by invitation. Links and online portfolios are a superb way of letting us see your stuff.
Submissions to Short Works
Short Works will be posting new collaborations every few weeks, and is keenly interested in hearing from new voices in storytelling and illustration. Click here and follow the instructions for "Short Works submissions." It's easy. It's painless. It could be the start of something beautiful. There's nothing flashy about FQ Short Works. Good is good. Some of our pieces are long. Really long. Others find ways to say what needs to be said with just a few breaths. The only thing we ask is that writers and artists work together to collectively share an experience that will reach out and punch us in our throats.

Ferocious Quarterly is an ongoing exercise in curation and collaboration. Established at the end of 2009 and debuting in print in 2010, FQ is committed to printing and gathering work from the published and the unpublished—the sung and the unsung—today's active artists. If it can fit on our pages, it's welcome.
Design and Curation / Nate Utesch
Operations and Distribution / Scott Kirkpatrick, Matt Beers, Nate Utesch
Stories Curation / Jason Roemer
Editing / Scott Kirkpatrick, Jason Roemer, Matt Beers, Nate Utesch
Printing / Courier Printing Co. Grabill, Ind.
Short Works
Operations and Editing / Jason Roemer
Stories Curation / Jason Roemer
Illustration Curation / Nate Utesch
Ferocious Quarterly is a curated publication that collects illustrators, graphic artists, short fiction authors and written text.